The business industry is one of the fields in the employment world who gives very lucrative job opportunities for billions of people around the world. With thousands of people venturing into business every year, they are in great demand for people who will work for them and run their business operations smoothly.

1. Accountants

Accountants and auditors are needed in every business to ensure the financial stability and transparency of the business operations. If a businessman is eager to develop the company, the monetary resources should be well taken cared of. To be an accountant, one should have a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and duly licensed. Average salary is $70,000 annually.

2. Production Managers

Production Managers oversee the entire production of a business company from purchasing of raw materials into the processing into a finished product ready for sales. They are directly responsible in ensuring the quality of products that are being sold in the market. To be qualified in this position, one should have a degree in any business-related course. Average salary is $60,000 annually.

3. Business Management Consultants

Business Management Consultants offers advisory services to the company in the entire management of the business operations. They are needed during the planning, implementation and evaluation stages which are vital in any line of business. A good degree in any business-related course is necessary to be qualified in the position. Average salary is $55,000 every year.

4. Systems Analysts

Most business companies are venturing into new technology and automated systems to increase efficiency in their business operations. Thus, systems analysts and managers are needed to ensure smooth flow of the systems employed by the company. They are also needed in transforming the complicated language of the computer programs into a comprehensible form. A bachelor’s degree in computer-related courses is needed to fill the post. Average salary is $68,000 every year

5. Public Relations Managers

Public Relations Managers are directly responsible in creating a good public image of the company. The company image is very essential since the public will more likely to not patronize the products if the producer has a bad reputation. A good experience in public works and a bachelor’s degree in communication or journalism is necessary. Average salary is $55,000 every year.

6. Sales Managers

In order to survive, a business should have modest sales. One cannot continue business operations if the sales flop. This is the responsibility of the sales managers. They are bounded to ensure that the sales operations are in smooth operations in order for the business to thrive. A good degree in any business-related course is a plus. Average salary is $65,000 every year

7. Financial Managers

Financial managers are different from accountants. While financial managers oversee the whole financial operations of the company, the account is responsible in ensuring that the financial resources are spent well with accountability. A good degree in any business-related course is needed. Average salary is $70,000 every year

8. Marketing and Advertising Managers

For the public to buy the product, the company should employ promotion. This is the main responsibility of the marketing or the advertising manager. They are mainly tasked in creating advertising campaigns to create a market. A bachelor’s degree in advertising or marketing is needed. Average salary is $65,000 every year.

9. Research and Development Officers

In order to have a good path in business ventures, the company should invest in data mining. Research and Development Officers are the one responsible in determining vital information that can help in their business operations. Average salary is around $55,000 every year.

10. Lawyers

A business should conform to state laws if they want to operate smoothly. Lawyers oversee that the whole operation of the company is generally legal. They are also needed when the company is in a legal crisis. Average salary is $70,000 every year and legal fees during special cases.