If you are complacent about finding a job while in college, you should start finding one before you actually graduate. In this way, you can always have enough time to start a career. To begin with, you can always find one if you know how to look in the right places.

It is also recommended to start looking inside your university. Most universities have available list of careers for fresh high school graduates. This list is always researched and updated by national employment statistics. Your counselors can also help you to land a job with respectable companies, and they are always willing to help you in advancing your career.

At present, here is the list of the ten best alternative careers for college students:

1. Game Developers. Well, this job is a new trend. Since million of people like to play games in their cell phones, PSPs, and laptops, this booming industry need highly-qualified professionals to create new games to sustain the entertainment demand of gamers. If you have superb skills in programming and developing programs in a computer and you are creative and imaginative enough to create exciting and interesting games, you are highly in demand to fill the gap in the game field.

2. Geriatric healthcare services. Most students of medical-related degrees can opt to enter the health service industry of serving the health needs of the elderly people. As the advanced aged population is increasing, the demand will also increase as people age, they are normally required to visit hospitals and clinics more often.

3. Date Mining. Businesses and government agencies are in need to collect huge amount of information and knowledge about people and other things. Thus, they are also in need of skilled personnel to analyze data and make sense of it.

4. Mobile Media. Graphic artists who will create different advertisements in the mobile internet industry are in great demand as the number of people who are dependent on their cell phones to sift information is also increasing.

5. Cancer clinical design and supervision. Cancer has been a long dreaded disease and more people are affected by it every year. In this case, outstanding people are needed who can design clinical experiments and trials to find better ways to cure cancer and other related diseases and health risks.

6. Engineers. Almost all industries and business are in great need of engineers who will design their systems and operations. 

7. Web Writing. As internet use continue to increase in gathering information and news-gathering, web writers are in great demand. However, this field requires new approaches to writing.

8. Professional health and safety. Skilled professionals who are trained for emergency preparedness are now in great demand so that people can cope with advances in technology and in safety hazards in the workplace.

9. Translators. As most businesses go to a global scale, most professionals need to communicate with persons who speak different languages. Thus, an experienced translator is required so that business partners from the opposite parts of the world can close a deal.

10. Business Analysts. Most business techniques and programs are failing as experienced in the global recession. Most companies need business analysts to guide them through the waves of economy and are willing to pay a huge amount just to know the right practices and the best techniques they can employ for their business needs.