What are medical employment agencies?

Medical employment agencies are employment placement agencies that cater to a more select population of job seekers. These agencies specialize in promoting health care jobs, hospital employment agencies, physician jobs, medical assistance positions and other medically related careers. For most of the jobs available, necessary licensing and certification is required prior to the job seekers application.

Like most agencies, medical employment agencies also have a classification of jobs according to duration. There are full time, part-time, temporary and even per diem (work paid on a daily basis) jobs. There are also per-assignment jobs for travel nurses and special cases of home health care, for example.

Medical employment agencies offer valuable service to its employing companies because elemental procedures for employment can be dispensed easier. Time-consuming and tedious processes like background checks, educational assessment, character checks, credit checks, previous employment verification, tenure verification and salary compensations are all taken care of by the agencies. In turn, these agencies help job seekers by matching qualifications, previous experience and work-related suitability with the large number of jobs available without having to go from one medical facility to the other.

These job seekers are employed (as the name suggests) by medical or companies that cater to health care services. Examples of which are in hospitals and hospital-like facilities like hospice, home health care agencies, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. There are also services and job opportunities in the educational field like college faculties, healthcare services (communications, engineering, legal services, and materials management,) research centers, and schools/colleges/camps in need of resident health workers.

Health care workers are also needed in establishments like social services and correctional facilities. Other fields where professional health care workers are employed include: day care centers or childcare services, healthcare travel companies, medical transcription companies, and even medical equipment sales and testing facilities.

Recently, the trend for many, if not most medical employment agencies have been geared towards staffing, matching and installing nurses for various nursing services and facilities. Filling various nursing vacancies has become a major priority, and there are many types of jobs for certified and licensed applicants.

There are different fields of medicine wherein nurses may be employed from cardiology to geriatric and even to neonatal. Work is usually assigned to nurses with longer experiences in a field.

Aside from doctors and nurses, there are also other health professionals that medical employment agencies cater to like nutritionists, physical therapists, podiatrists, pharmacists, radiologists, and speech language pathologists. If you are in this professional field, contact some of the medical employment agencies for better placement.