While at an interview, you may just know what the next question would be. No matter how good you practice for the interview question you may be asked some tricky questions that you need to answer smartly to showcase your skill. A good and smart answer can make your career while a bad one can destroy it. Here are some of the tricky questions that are often asked and how to deal with them.

What kind and color of car would you like to be? : Such question are entirely psychological and it depends on the interview’s perception. However, such questions and questions like what kind of animal would like to be are common. The choices differ according to your personality and attitude and sometimes the choices say a lot about your character. So, you must be careful while answering such tricky questions. For this sample question, if you say a black convertible then it gives out signals like fast and ready to go. However, a pink caddy would give out perceptions like quality, classy, and consistent.

Sometimes, the interviewer may ask you to sell a pen to you in 5 minutes, or questions like sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo are common. In the field of sales, such questions are commonly asked by the regional and territorial directors. A good practice can help you with this as this is a common question asked to comprehend the selling capability of the candidate.

Sometimes, an interviewer may ask you – How would you interview me, if you were in my place? This question can play as an important role in judging the character of a candidate who has applied for an important post. Such questions should be tactfully answered so that the person asking you the question doesn’t feel offended by anything.

Whenever answering a tricky question, always pay attention to the tone of voice and the body language of the employer.