It is not uncommon for an individual to go from one job to another only to experience a deep dissatisfaction after a period of six months or less. This is often because the job and the actual facets of one’s personality are not an appropriate match. By taking a career personality test, one can determine which aspects of their character are strongest. Only then can it be determined just what type of careers would be deemed most suitable. By taking on a career that is more fitting, individuals will notice they are less anxious and actually enjoy getting up in the morning to go to work. They are also more likely to invest in keeping their career by furthering their education or gaining special certifications.

It is not hard to find a career personality test. By simply going online, one can find a vast number of sites offering these assessments. However, while some are legitimate measures of an individual’s personality, others are merely for entertainment. In general, an authentic career personality test is one that can take up to 25 minutes to fill out and is likely to have a fee. Those sites offering a free career personality test can give a good measure of an individual’s personality but should not be wholly relied upon as accurate. Nevertheless, they can still point a person in the direction they need to go.

A career personality test generally uses statements about personality traits as questions. The test taker then marks how accurate or inaccurate the statement is in regards to their own character. When the test is finished, all answers are tallied into categories such as extroverted or introverted, thinking or feeling, critical or perceptive. If a person scores predominantly introverted, a job working for the general public is probably not a good idea. Those that score higher in the critical category may be better at careers where making decisions are common. While different tests may use different category descriptions, individuals typically score in every area with one or two groups of primary dominance.

Once the career personality test is finished, an individual has the opportunity to narrow down a choice of careers. While the test results can be fairly accurate and provide stunning insights, there is no one career that can be determined to be the best. Those who score strongly in extroverted may work well with others; however, other factors will determine if this is in a public setting such as customer service or a private setting such as therapy or counseling. A career personality test merely highlights the best options. It is up to the test taker to use his or her preferences to make the final decision.