When you find yourself out of a job suddenly, as often happens to people who have done nothing wrong, it is important that you get a comparable position from a swift and successful employment search.  Looking for a job seems rather daunting when you haven’t had to look for a job in a while or if you’ve had the same job for a very long time.  But, it’s really not that bad if you have some confidence in your job skills.

And why shouldn’t you be?  Everyone is good at something.  Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity on your part to find just the sort of job you are good at if you’re just starting out or haven’t been in the labour force for awhile.  At the same time, the employment search for a mid-career executive or someone who has had enough of their former profession can involve just as much creativity and soul searching. 

The key is to be ready to unexpected opportunities by conducting a wide ranging employment search that emphasises your particular talents rather than what you think you should be doing.  It is possible for a skill that was once in demand on Wall Street can be useful on a ranch.

There are companies that assist you in national or international employment searches, though one should be careful not to spend a bunch of money (or time) on web sites that would take your money and not deliver quality job leads.  Anyone can show you a bunch of junk that is of no use.  You don’t have time for that.  Efficiency in your employment search is what will get you back to work quickly.

Of course, speed is not the only thing to consider.  You certainly want to make a similar or higher wage if possible.  Even if you became very suddenly unemployed, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to move upwards.  Even when changing professions, you don’t actually have to start out the bottom, though that sometimes means you need to pitch your job as something new and better, as it will be.  Sometimes an employment search takes the form of a search for people who might be receptive to creating a job for you.

Even if you think you know exactly what you want to do for your next position, it’s useful to keep an open mind regarding potential employers.  As long as you follow all the other rules of a typical employment search: prompt responses, error-free resume / cover letter and an enthusiastic attitude, you are certain to have swift results.