The idea of taking on a career search is enough to make some people stay in their current line of work, even if it makes them miserable. Finding a new career or employer can sometimes be a long and arduous task. Too often prospects look slim and anything that appears remotely interesting likely means that about a hundred people have already applied for the position. The worst part is submitting a resume, maybe even getting an interview, only to never hear back from a prospective employer. Although there’s really no need, many take it as personal hit. Truthfully, most employers are just as overwhelmed with the numerous amounts of applicants to keep track of.

There are many resources that espouse interview tips, resumes pointers and other methods to land the perfect career. However, the number one element of any career search is that of patience. Easier said than done in most cases, patience is the only thing that will help in times when it seems a career search is not yielding the expected results. With the career world constantly in a state of flux as people go from one professional experience to another, it can take a while before an opening decides to present itself. One should not give up hope of landing the career they need and desire but perhaps opt to leave expectation out of the picture altogether.

Leaving expectation out of a career search will help keep disappointment to a minimum. Unrealistic expectations can lead to negative thinking; this can taint a career search altogether. With so many others being on the hunt for their new occupation getting a call back, even if one’s skills seem to be a perfect match for the position, is not guaranteed. Individuals should submit their resume matter of factly and know that their perfect career is on the way; regardless of who does or doesn’t call them back. Positive self talk and visualization are just a couple of methods for letting go of expectation when searching for new employment.

If at all possible, to further alleviate stress it is a good idea to begin a career search while still employed. However, it is not unheard of for some to bear the unfortunate circumstance of being forced into the search after losing their job due to a shifting financial market. Nonetheless, while utilizing all resources available, letting go of expectations and putting forth a spirit of persistence is a best bet. It is also important to have plenty of activities to keep busy with. This helps to keep the mind from dwelling on who has or has not called for an interview.